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doing better for you and the planet

what we do and why we do it

Single-use plastics (SUP) are undoubtedly one of the biggest threats to our environment today. We’ve made it out mission to tackle the single in single-use. #stopsup

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How our dispensers work


made by the earth,

for the earth.
roots to roots.

plant derived

reusable & recyclable packaging


plant-derived ingredients


naturally scented with essential oils


vitamin infused soap

"Comes with wall mount and a usb3c cable for charging which lasts a long time. This is the best soap dispenser I've found so far and I've purchased other cheaper ones that are in trash now.."

United States

"It’s the best product that I have bought for a soap dispenser. Should think about having different colors."

United States

"I love that this soap dispenser has large capacity. Also love the fact that you can recharge it , instead of using batteries. The dispenser is quieter than the other dispensers I had tried so far."

Feela Loo
United States

"I had to ditch the little clear “bowl” that comes with it. The unit would make a double or triple cycle every time I tried that drip bowl. It runs fine without it."

Bruce Eddy
United States

"Works great, also holes a large amount of liquid soap, it dispenses just the right amount of soap to clean your hands great product."

United States

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