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Why We Chose to Make Automatic Soap Dispensers


Automatic soap dispensers are not the most popular choice for home use. You see them in restaurants and other public spaces, sure, but most people tend to opt for simple manual dispensers for their kitchens and bathrooms.


There’s nothing wrong with manual dispensers, but we think that automatic dispensers deserve their day in the sun. That’s why we made two options - our Dock Mountable version you can mount anywhere, and the Oasis, which is our countertop model. We also have a foaming dock mountable option. Automatic dispensers are the little luxury that you didn’t know you needed, and they can make you feel cleaner, too.


We put a lot of thought into our soaps and want everyone that uses them to have the very best experience possible. Washing your hands is something you have to do several times a day, so why not make it the most pleasant experience it can be, and ensure you get the most out of it in terms of health benefits?


We did some soul searching, and have figured out the 4 main reasons why we chose to make automatic dispensers. So, here’s why we believe that hands-free soap dispensers are the way to go.

1. They’re consistent


Ever tried to squeeze some soap out of your manual dispenser, and it spritzes outwards due to an air bubble in the pump? Or have you ever accidentally dispensed too much and wasted some?

Automatic soap dispensers eliminate the possibility of pump mishaps. They’re programmed to dispense the exact same amount every time, meaning you don’t waste any. 

2. They’re more hygienic


Over time, manual soap pumps tend to build up grime from old, hardened soap scum, and from dirty hands touching the pump in order to get soap. This is unsightly as well as gross. You don’t want to have to deal with additional grime when you’re trying to clean your hands.

The design of automatic dispensers makes them much less prone to this issue, since less soap ends up on the outside of the dispenser. They make for a cleaner hand washing process, which is exactly the point!

The touchless design also means there’s no cross-contamination between members of a household. The spread of bacteria and viruses is reduced.

3. They bring a modern feel


Having a robot do any household task for you which previously had to be done manually feels like taking a leap into the future. 

Automatic dispensers make your home feel more modern and sleek, and they look great in any type of space. They look great on your countertop, or they can be conveniently mounted on the wall to free up room on your countertop or sink.

4. They’re convenient


It’s not as though dispensing soap is truly that difficult for most people, but just holding your hand under the pump is even easier. This convenience can help motivate even those who are less concerned about keeping their hands clean - like toddlers and young children.

Anyone who has tried to make a toddler do something they don’t want to do knows how difficult it can be. But if all they have to do is hold their hand under the dispenser, they might not dread it so much. And if everyone in your house more consistently washes their hands, it can help prevent the spread of illnesses like colds and the flu. 


Why did we choose to make automatic soap dispensers? We’re committed to providing our customers with products that will make their lives easier and minimize waste. Our dispensers put out the perfect amount of soap each time so no soap is wasted, meaning you’ll have to repurchase less often. 

Also, they are refillable, so you’ll use less plastic than if you were to repeatedly buy 12 oz dispensers every time you ran out. Our refill bottles are made of 80% ocean-bound recycled plastic, too! Grab a refill and help the planet out.

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